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In the most elegant host of choices, Aashirya’s Runic collections is a line of jewellerythat boasts of precise craftsmanship, relentless refinement, and an uncompromising pursuit of perfection.

Runic jewellery has runic inscriptions;Based all its designs on the art of the Vikings. With inspiration from ancient Viking art, we aspire to bring the legacy of Norse culture to modern society. 

Runic is known for its light-weighted diamond jewellery, handcrafted in gold and encrusted with certified diamonds.

In the exclusive Runic collection of guaranteed authenticity, every piece is carefully selected to have a luxurious runic journey, whether it’s minimal or proudly displaying its distinctive meaning.

Our extensive array of opulent Runic pendants, are tailored to suit your specific needs irrespective of gender. Each Rune has different meanings and holds different sentiments.


Minimalistic jewellery style has come to the rescue for every woman out there, who wants to look glamorous at every moment of the day. Be at the office, at family dinner, or out with a friend, look fabulous with Runic jewellery that goes with every style of yours.

Drawing inspiration from ancient German heritage, Runic Collection’s emblematic gold and diamond fused designs are often inscribed with alphabets from Runic Alphabets. Rooted in history and culture, Aashirya creates pieces for the modern woman, successfully bridging the gap between the past and the present while doing so.

Runic collection can be worn by one and all : A Man or a Woman, a Girl or a boy, you will receive a lot of attention due to its sleek &minimalist designs. The sparkle of diamonds, will work to only increase the desirability of the gorgeous pieces.

24 Rune Pendants are all the qualifiers it takes to have our undivided attention.They are both bold and delicate, this creation is intriguing and thoughtful, exemplifying the promise of this exciting new collection.

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