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Ponniyin Selvi Collection

Always seeking perfection and precision, Aashirya has excelled at the art of jewellery design, transforming every inspiration into a unique masterpiece, Ponniyin Selvi being the latest.

With one beautiful design after another, PS collection has evolved with a vision of continuous progress in crafting heritage jewellery.

ponniyin selvi

Nandini is not merely beautiful but also very intelligent. Her beauty is so exquisite that men fall for her even at a single glace. Like a well cut Aashirya Diamond there are many facts to her personality!

vanathi img

Vanathi is pure in heart, guileless in nature and charming to the core. She is timid, soft spoken and mild mannered. Her love for jewellery was fulfilled by Aashirya Diamonds!

poonguzhali img

Poonguzhali was Gutsy, brave, passionate , fiery, ambitious and yet soft, sensitive, beautiful & tender. This fairy tale Cindrella looks adorable & stunning with Aashirya Diamonds!


Kundavai is celebrated as mentor to Ponniyin Selvan. She is quite unique amoung all the other women during her time. Aashirya prides itself to adorn such an esteemed Royal Princess!

Aashirya believes jewellery is more than just a status symbol, it designs original classical jewellery for every moment in a woman’s life, creating signature styles that offers elegance and uniqueness for every occasion.

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