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Aashirya means - Creative & strong personality from land of God.


The prowess of women has always been held in awe & worshipped across ages. Our goddesses embody the many facets of today’s women. To celebrate their indomitable spirit, we designed something for the modern young woman. For the woman who fears no evil and fights her battles In glory, here is our gift to today’s beautiful woman.

Our Story

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wholesale manufacturer of diamond jewellery

Aashirya, a brand synonymous with exquisite diamond jewellery collections and unparalleled customer experience, has since its opening in 2017, created an enviable network of loyal clientele across India.

The Indian Sub-continent was known to be the treasure chest of the world. Vivid and Intricate designs adorned the walls and pillars of the temples. Going back to the roots of where it all began, we have our exclusive collection of our Temple Jewellery.

Our range of vintage temple jewellery continues to be inspired by no less than our powerful goddesses to enhance your appearance & personality with our unique traditional collection.

Backed by a strong design team & manufacturing units, Aashirya prides itself bringing your dreams to life. “Our collections are inspired by the ethereal beauty and charisma of the woman. We create pieces that capture the feminine grace & indelible strength of the woman of today.”

Our Creator


Shailesh Ramani

Founder & Creative Head

Aashirya story remains a unique tale of finesse and craftsmanship and a homage to our rich heritage. Conceived by Mr. Shailesh Ramani, a leading diamond jewellery designer with more than two decades of experience in India & Overseas.

The main source of inspiration for Mr. Shailesh Ramani is conceived from the basic elements of nature and the rich heritage of Indian culture. Creating jewellery with deep meaning and symbolism under his own brand, Aashirya’s signature style is all about traditions, temple collections, nagash collections, with rich heritage and indian culture. Each jewellery crafted tells a story and we believe in fine jewellery as an expression of the desire to decorate oneself with metals and jewels that reflect the love and style you want to reflect outwards.

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