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Navratri: A Celebration of Women

Navratri is predominantly a celebration of women – the ‘Shakti’ or divine feminine power, where the female goddess is worshipped in all her manifestations. One can appreciate the deep symbolic significance of the festival in the current times, and how powerfully it resonates with the concept of modern-day women empowerment! Navaratri in 2022 begins on Monday, 26th September and ends on Wednesday, 5th October.

The three most commonly known and revered forms of the goddess are Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati.

Navratri day1

Goddess Shailaputri an Embodiment of Strength Influences Women of today to be Strong & Nature Lovers. Women who strive hard to save the Nature and bring a change to the Environment!.

Navratri day2

Goddess Brahmacharini bestows the devotees with great purity of mind & body with devotion. Women with Pure Hearts who perform Penance or Tapas and devote themselves!

Navratri day3

Goddess Chandraghanta is the symbol of Justice & Courageous. Courageous Women who fight back for Justice and attain astounding victory against evil forces!

Navratri day4

Goddess Kushmanda Inspires Women Leaders of today to Aim & Achieve. Powerful women Leaders & Creators who Aim & Achieved in Life!

Navratri day5

Goddess Skandamata is a symbol of fertility, motherhood and endurance. To the Mothers who hold their children’s hands for a while but to their hearts forever.

Navratri day6

Goddess Katyayani bestows on her devotees with bravery & power to fight back their problems. Brave & Warrior Women with an epitome of Valor, Vigour and Valiance.

Navratri day7

Goddess Kalaratri bestows on her devotees with fearlessness & to be extremely mighty. Fearless & Ironic Women who defend themselves and others from social evils.

Navratri day8

Goddess Mahagauri bestows on her devotees with great peace of mind, intelligence and destroys all their sufferings. Tolerant Women who support and stand by their loved one’s to chase their dreams.

Navratri day9

Goddess Siddhidatri blesses her devotees with knowledge and wisdom. Women with wisdom and knowledge who guide & teach their students.

If all girls are images of the goddess we worship, the girl child has to be protected, educated and nurtured into an independent, strong woman leader with an identity of her own. The stories and rituals of Navaratri exhort us to do our bit for each woman and to respect her as an individual, not only because it is fashionable to do so but also because it is also a part of our heritage.

The Navaratri festival is a reminder of potential feminine power in the universe and is an occasion to offer gratitude to this feminine power in the form of women — for their contributions to creation, sustenance, growth, joy, peace and spirituality. Let us all celebrate this Navaratri festival with such pure emotions and feelings for woman power.

We at Aashirya Celebrate Women of Today , this Navratri!

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