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Kadaksha – Diamond Wedding Jewellery Collection

Launching soon, At Aashirya, in close association with our yesteryear, we create precious pieces that reflect the women of our region today. Over the years our collaborative approach with heritage designs and goddess Lakshmi Kasu has driven the creation of truly ground breaking products, resulting in Kadaksha collection.
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With a firm commitment to the authentic traditions of jewellery making, Aashirya explores new frontiers of artistry. Every piece of Lakshmi Kasu jewellery created is destined to associate the beholder with a bond of admiration and passion.

Wedding Jewellery

It is focused on providing antique jewellery that is wearable at any point for festivities or weddings. The thought process behind the concept is to bring in power accessories that go with your power dressing.


Aashirya has over 3 decades of experience that has made the process of choosing the right materials for ethnic ensemble apt.

Each piece of these collection has a range of rings, earrings, pendants with gold chains, bracelets, necklaces, harams, arm belt, waist belt etc. Aashirya is focused on giving the right jewellery with the highest quality with the right sentiments, so it becomes precious and heirloom for every bride out there.

This unique collection will stand for eternity.

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