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Aashirya Collections – Homage to our Rich Heritage by Shailesh Ramani

Aashirya, a brand synonymous with exquisite & exclusive diamond jewellery collections and unparalleled customer experience, which created an enviable network of loyal clientele across India since 2017.

The Indian subcontinent was known to be the treasure chest of the world. Ancient temples of South India are marvels of architecture, with Vivid and Intricate designs adorning the walls and pillars of the temples that reflect the country’s glorious, cultural and religious history. Aashirya designs go back to the roots of where it all began exhibiting them in their temple jewellery collections.

Aashirya’s story remains a unique tale of finesse craftsmanship and a homage to our rich heritage. Conceived & Crafted by Mr. Shailesh Ramani, a leading jewellery designer backed by three decades of experience.

Aashirya has consistently delivered on its promise of bringing to its clientele, with a unique, one-of-a-kind investment and timeless traditional pieces that stand in time.

Aashirya’s exquisite range of vintage temple jewellery continues to be inspired by no less than our powerful goddesses & the grand traditions, which we cherish in our hearts with beauty, made with love and care guided by the best technique to enhance your appearance & personality with the elegance of our unique traditional collection.

Aashirya has so much style, charisma, and glamour to offer to its ardent fans, lovers and followers.

The main source of inspiration for Mr. Shailesh Ramani emanates from the basic elements of nature and the rich heritage of Indian culture. Creating jewellery with deep meaning and symbolism under his own brand has been his childhood dream.

Aashirya’s signature style is all about traditions, temple collections, Nagash collections, with rich heritage and Indian culture. Each jewellery crafted tells a unique story. We believe in fine jewellery as an expression of the desire to decorate oneself with metals and jewels that reflect the love and style you want to reflect outwards.

Backed by a strong design team and manufacturing units, Aashirya prides itself bringing your dreams to life, thanks to its meticulous artisans and personalised customer service. “Aashirya’s collections are inspired by the ethereal beauty and charisma of the woman. We create pieces that capture the feminine grace and indelible strength of the woman of today.

Aashirya creates vibrant, elegant, and unique designs that are desirable not only because of how different and individualistic they are, but also because they are made with high quality and genuine materials and designed to ensure they can be worn for generations.

Established in August 2017, Aashirya has become India’s leading wholesale manufacturer of Diamonds and it remains a destination for high quality fine diamond jewellery with strikingly exquisite & exclusive designs.

Based at Chennai, India – Aashirya brand is present all over southern region of India. Aashirya is known for its south Indian style artistry and perfection in work.

Aashirya aim’s at revolutionizing the fine diamond jewellery and life style segment in India with a firm focus on craftsmanship, quality and customer experience. In a short span of time, Aashirya has built a large family of loyal consumers in India. It has highly specialized in small diamond jewellery items and exclusive big items as well. Aashirya is known for innovation at any cost.

Curating the most fabulous, handpicked diamonds in Timeless designs & Nagash Collections, Shailesh Ramani describes the Aashirya collections as “Uncompromising quality controls and a keen eye for precise details to ensure that Aashirya diamond jewellery remains a joy and fortune forever.

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